“Music is a higher revelation than philosophy”.

Ludwig van Beethoven


I’ve just walked out of an argument with some really lovely people who talked a load of flipping shit. The discussion mainly surrounding my healthy obsession with the music of late, and me trying to dispute the point that it wasn’t so.  I’ve been around a while no one seems to believe me based on the way I look. (I’m Average looking for my age.) I’m a 90’s child (OFC I’m lying! :)) further back, now back……..

So this is my absolute LIST

1 Robert Plant/ Jimmy Page

2 Mick Jagger/ Keith Richards

3 Axl Rose/ Slash

4 Steven Tyler/Joe Perry

5 Bono/  The Edge


With that being my discord who the flip would argue with me on that?

Seriously, take no offence I welcome your comments below 🙂

My Top five (5) Duo’s  Based on the discussion seems I don’t know much! (POPPYCOCK!) I say!! mainly speaking from a rock genre. Naturally, I love the music; it awakens something in me that allows me to be free, and wild and literally pranced around like an absolutely crazy human, Damien Rice–  The Blower’s Daughter with the sound alarmingly loud; might I add that I can’t carry a tune to save my life. But, this is my passion. I’ve been known to  be an enigma with my Family and my taste in music –  I love Nino Rota – Brucia La Terra and  go quite insane with Switch by Will Smith

I enjoy really good music apparently to my ears only ( it seems). So imagine my evident dumbfoundedness at some of these comments in this group who, I might add, in my opinion, hasn’t a clue about what constitute good music. Like the tribute concert for  Freddie Mercury   Where Queen, Elton John and Axl Rose sang Bohemian Rhapsody and Axl bursting on stage as if shot from a cannon, is an exquisitely mind-blowing experience, to say the least, so I start to drop names like Led Zeppelin    Queen ( being a bit of a show-off) and you know what? They had no idea my tiny brain knew of such things. As if that wasn’t enough, we went on to describe our favourites and how they relate to this younger generation of pop/rap/soul/rock music.

Whoever said you had to be some sort of genius on the subject, is in no better terms an arse. The age group of young people listening to music from aeons ago is simply astonishing, you have six (6) year old singing along to We are the Champions by Queen and rocking out with Boy George.  Better yet! toddlers going to a One Direction concert, though they may not know the words, they still shake it in mummy’s arms with headphones on. Are we, therefore, saying that these youths know nothing of music? If not hearing it from their parents? Then who? I could definitely have a very friendly spat on the subject providing that I get me two cents in for good measure of course. But, come on now seriously, I’m still a little tiffed, but listening to my music really overrides all that. And I forgive them for not being a bit informed. (Oh Yeahhhh)

Let me just say the group was not quite happy with my contribution as if I can pretend to be other than who I am and say shit to please people, which I wouldn’t dream of doing to myself.

A bunch of shitties! I know it’s probably spelt wrong but I like it as is.


Contributor: Ocean R Stark @ORS







by Ocean R Stark

I’ve loved you for the longest time

cared for you in the most unusual of ways

desired you far more than is expected,

but loved you I have.

Seeing you relaxes my tensed nerves,

feeling your caresses ignites my senses

I need no further encouragement  from you

this is what I was meant to do, this is what we are when together.

For this is Us always.

To wake with you beside me, freshly, new day, new thoughts on how it should be

on how we are, on how we care, how we belong

in love in life.

So choose me, cherish me, show me

love me, be me

Be mine, I’ll be yours

To love, always ………




The words just can’t come to me and I just know I needed to say something.

It’s a heart-wrenching thing to happen to our children and young adults. Manchester is hurting right now and the World along with you, know this. Know that prayers, love, compassion and an over-pouring of condolences are being sent your way across oceans at this terrible time.
I’ve known grief and sorrow as have many. Truth is, the human heart breaks, and shatters, but over time and a very long time, it begins the process of self-mending, of healing.
This comforts me when I think of my Family, I never did get a chance to say goodbye, and I shall always be sorry for that.
Music in this World connects us with feelings of sorrow, despair, forgiveness, hope love, all the emotions we go through in this life, music is our light in that direction. This has saddened me a great deal.

As sleep evades me I am keying these few lines to share in your pain, It may not help much now but each day a little less. It will get better, not right away but eventually, it will and even then the rawness of the situation will be as clear as a summer’s day.

But for now, my thoughts are with all the Families affected, for their loss, we pray for you all……….


Its been a pretty hectic three months for me, doing absolutely  nothing and everything, does that sound confusing to you? Not to me! Literally I’ve been running on empty for the past couple months and only now have I begun to settle back into my normal routine; which, has not been easy, but I’m getting there.


Normally the idea of accomplishing something, be it a goal, dream or a long desired passion (clean thoughts here! nothing nasty yet) That ultimate goal of seeing your future self, doing the  things you enjoy.

Finding your life’s passion can sometimes be a very daunting task, with obstacles and road blocks, literally put in place  for you…like challenges, you must overcome them in order to move forward. Knowing that at least today you did the best you could and tomorrow would be another day…… a new set of distractions, new cause for procrastinating thoughts to seep in and undermine all the sorted plans.


Not tomorrow, I shall do as the above and live my dreams, whatever they may be !…….but today I am content to just be.



I have this insane idea that I woke up as a bear….. so hungry


Cold overnight oats with raisins and almond milk


You know I mentioned how much I love salads, to me its a meal all by itself.

Beef! another fetish of mines, this time paired with sautéed vegetables, mushroom with a tangy oyster sauce .

I find that whenever I bake bread, I develop this craving for spicy beef so I made this tangy/spicy beef along with my raisin bread and salad for a quick breakfast.( I was feeling extremely hungry this morning.)

A very simple salad with my cayenne pepper infused ranch dressing. Very easy meal in 15 minutes.

I wasn’t thinking of measurements  when my belly was calling to be feed, just threw this together. Will do better next time .

Promise 🙂









“Going the distance is like an adventure, each pit stop is a chance to exhale, to reflect, to motivate you onward on your journey”.  –Cathy




I found that making my own salad dressing was much more convenient, that way I knew what was going into it. The cost is manageable and the taste was amazing ……

I eat a lot of salads, mostly greens I should say. A while back I bought a box of concentrate orange juice to dilute as a beverage, but one night making dinner it occurred to me to mix the juice with extra virgin olive oil , salt pepper the usual contents. and place it in an ice tray so it would be cold and maintain the shape for the salad.

The result above is a couple of cubes of dressing on salad that went along as I ate my salad without making it soggy.

This is my go to way for making dressing that will be cold, cute and carries well 🙂






“The past couple of days has been one in which I choose not to dwell on, simply because I feel  resigned to just be, to let life be, and what comes my way….well I’ll be thankful for sure, appreciative of course! Mostly I’ll be stronger, for my strength makes me who I am, who I choose to become.”



I like the idea of putting together something really quick and easy, I don’t like overly long cooking or baking. It should take me 45 minutes in the kitchen on busy days……

pci salad

Salad making in the process with cheese paste and loads of mustard just the way I like it

The salad is basic, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, red onions, local green lettuce. With garlic and olive oil dressing.


Whole some mini buns

2 cups all-purpose flour (self rising flour)

1 packet of instant yeast

pinch salt

smidgen of cinnamon

1 table-spoon sugar

1 tablespoon olive oil


Mix together in a large bowl to allow for expansion, after half hour (1/2) roll into mini balls and sit for 15-20 minutes covered with a damp towel, bake at 350 for 20 minutes. I love these with Jam, custard for my sweet tooth, of course!




My one main Fetish …..yep I love baking bread , there’s no big science behind it. I really enjoy it and it relaxes me. (got to score on that one)

  • Rosemary infused
  • Cinnamon and sugar
  • White Ciabatta
  • Raisin and carrot
  • Whole wheat
  • Pumpkin seed with oregano

This list goes on….. these, however, are by far my favourites.

After the dough has risen to twice the volume in size and already in the pan, I use a very sharp knife to make the slits on top, then either olive oil infused with rosemary or my go to cinnamon mix sprinkle on top for added flare.

To store:

place in brown paper bag and can be kept in the refrigerator  for a week or less. Always best though, fresh from the oven with butter and cheese. Enjoy:)

pretty cool idea



There’s nothing better I like than the sound of rain falling on rooftops. The sound is like a lullaby edging me to sleep, all thoughts, worries all on the back burner. My only conscious thought right now is listening and letting my mind drift to where my body wishes.

It’s truly the most relaxed I’ve been in a while….weeks actually. I’m loving it for now.


I think back to a time when I was much  younger, and loving the rain making the ground all muddy and sticky; can I just say; the smell when those first few drops hit the dirt, this smelled of chocolate and wet sand, mixed with the smell of the sea……to me! this was the scent in my head that I simply cannot forget. A treasured memory.

Today was like that….and I slept and slept. Dreaming of nothing, thinking of nothing except the sound of the rain an ever-present awareness, like a song thunderous and chillingly soothing all at the same time. I wish every weekend would rain.

Insane woman 🙂