Cleaning your Make up brushes

A makeup brush is a breeding ground for a mess of bacteria and dirt that can easily cause breakouts and other skins abnormalities. Which no one wants to have, trust me, I have had my share!!

Everyone has a tip or two on how to , what to use , when to clean your make up brushes. Which are good. However, I use baby shampoo (sensitive + normal ) in warm water for five (5) mins continuously  swishing in circular motions  till the water runs clear. Then under the tap of cold water to spring back the bristles to life.

Lay on a towel to air dry and , ever so often, meaning every couple of hours, rotate them  remember too, always have back up brushes in cases like these.

If you are prone to breakouts and have very sensitive skin change your brushes, especially for the eye area every two days.



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