Its has been a couple few days since being here, so lets see how best I can entertain you with my absent time …. ha ha delayed time spent.

My Friend’s Grand-daughter came over last night for a visit and man it was a riot! Generally she’s the cutest little bundle of joy ever…she has this laugh that has not quite developed yet  so you basically get a hrgg hg hghgh in that order, she laughs at everything. And talks that cute baby talk that you know she’s mocking you and you let her.

Babies no longer talk goo goo ga ga anymore, they have a unique  language of their own, at one point  I could have sworn she said “kar”! so I say “what”? “kar” HA who knew she’d say something ( which I can decipher) and I’d say yes or no depending on her body gesticulation.

I just love it when she comes over.

Saturday Lunch

So I’m thinking of doing dhal and rice  for lunch today  with a cucumber salad on the side, simple yet delicious .

I will try to do much better as the days go along , with Christmas around the corner, these are hectic times.


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