My day was mostly uneventful in the sense that nothing was done the way I expected, with such expectations to fulfill, I don’t even know how I managed as I did. But hey! I am here.

Saw some amazing fashion trends that I must get for the holidays, being different is such a blessing you would not believe! A pair of black linen pant with a slight flare, a white artist shirt long-sleeved with frills, a pair of red pumps, and some gem or classic platinum accessories, sounds classic you might be thinking but it’s not , it has a modern twist, with a dramatic allure, check it out….


Some of my favorites are the basic items one should have in their closets

Mainly  that black  cocktail dress; high heels;sling back; flats;sneakers;denim jacket & jeans; hoops earrings; clutch; tote; kakahi pant. With me its lots of linen .

Blue Clutch



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