“Nothing being said is ever worth listening to twice” This from someone whom I assumed had a mediocrity of literacy within their ant-like brain.

To my utter astonishment the more they spoke, the more rubbish came spewing out like barf from their mouth, stench that only affected my inability to breath normally. All I was thinking was, suppose I smack them really hard (by accident of course) I would not be held accountable. Of  course, I was wrong.

To be in  the presence of intelligent people has many advantages, you learn things that awaken your present thinking, ambitiousness is heightened as well as the ability to impress.

So I accepted the outcome, ignorance is no excuse….IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE

Stupidity, on the other hand, well that’s something totally different!! And man! ….take up my space and I will flatten you! Not that I am a violent person, far from it! But standing by and seeing someone being verbally abused or as they say now-a-days BULLYING. I have zero tolerance for the JACK ASS who feels that this type of behavior makes them a social hit. It only makes people know your true colors  meaning any semblance of social interactivity you have are all shot to hell!!

Some rules to live by; 

  • Practice the art of intelligent socializing 
  • Learn to accept when your are wrong and moved on with dignity
  • Allow space and time between conversations, that way your voice is better heard
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Be willing to listen.


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