Until the dusk clears, the skies recede, and life no longer resembles the entity it once was.

   I shall be the ball, that keeps on rolling, at times stop due to being stuck in a very shallow ditch. Only for a time no doubt, no fears, no worries, not a single care; one might say.
    still, here it is , constant, an ever-present being the solid of this relationship.
Thinking , always thinking, motions swirling round and round; 
my mind doubling, multiplying.
Maybe  I know and then again I don’t….
do you think anyone ever cares? The question always surprising….
Yes! I think they do!
Or they would not be around.
Surrounding me with words, looks, impressions of thinly veiled contempt
with a mere hint of derision. Still I care…..
Laughter, more laughter my spirits awakens, 
from somewhere deep inside me. Like being weightless, floating under water, my passion,
Submerge and yet so peaceful. It’s like flying at a very deliberate pace; that I see myself and 
think, wow!! It’s really me. 
Like looking in the mirror, but for some strange reason the image looking back at me is not me. Then again it is me , or is it? I’m confused, well maybe not.
It’s who I aspire to be, the person begging to be let out, to invoke a sense of panic, frantic even, but panic all the same.
“Hi” i say to  the reflection, “how are you today”
and the images smiles back. Turning away I feel a sense of lightness
a sort of calm swaying motion, yet I keep on  smiling.
For I am at peace. For now, for today.
I am at peace.

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