I have begun to have second and thirds thoughts about this

           Am I doing the right thing

                  should I venture, or catapult

                           take the easy way or the hard way


Making it easier is not helping, the pressure is building…..

         I have to get there on my own,

            Or what would have been  the point of it all in the first place?


Nothing being said and done now will be totally useless;

        the ball was dropped and shit happened, on another note though,

             the clouds do have an answer, being so far away.


Try as I may it’s a long way off, but I have a plan or two;

           I didn’t get here by guessing and fumbling my way through this life,

                 the journey was planned, the ground-work layered from inception 

                   So am I worried? Never!  Am I going to do this? Hell yes! 

                           And no one is  stopping me …….



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