Have you ever wondered why we say the things we do ?

He : I love you..

She: Why do you always say it like its the answer for everything, like it’d fix things!

He: Why do you always have to be so angry?

She: You never listen ! Its too much just being in the same room with you!! I’m trying to explain something to you, and all you can think of ….is sex!

He: We never see each other anymore, don’t you know I love you

She: You were the one who decided this, we are not living on mars, if you wanted to see me you could’ve made the effort, this was so last century!! don’t you get that I’m tired of this circus we have , its no longer fun. If you loved me like you say , you would make the time, make an effort dammit!!

He: I told you about my work! I’m very busy!

She: Bullshit! you’re full of crap I think you’re making excuses and I am done!!.

What can one think of the circumstances that led to the above scene? I am curious to accumulate some feedback and your help would be greatly appreciated. So why not let me know your thoughts in the comments below;



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