The words just can’t come to me and I just know I needed to say something.

It’s a heart-wrenching thing to happen to our children and young adults. Manchester is hurting right now and the World along with you, know this. Know that prayers, love, compassion and an over-pouring of condolences are being sent your way acrossย oceans at this terrible time.
I’ve known grief and sorrow as have many. Truth is, the human heart breaks, and shatters, but over time and a very long time, it begins the process of self-mending, of healing.
This comforts me when I think of my Family, I never did get a chance to say goodbye, and I shall always be sorry for that.
Music in this World connects us with feelings of sorrow, despair, forgiveness, hope love, all the emotions we go through in this life, music is our light in that direction. This has saddened me a great deal.

As sleep evades me I am keying these few lines to share in your pain, It may not help much now but each day a little less. It will get better, not right away but eventually, it will and even then the rawness of the situation will be as clear as aย summer’s day.

But for now, my thoughts are with all the Families affected, for their loss, we pray for you all……….


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