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"The past couple of days has been one in which I choose not to dwell on, simply because I feel  resigned to just be, to let life be, and what comes my way....well I'll be thankful for sure, appreciative of course! Mostly I'll be stronger, for my strength makes me who I am, who I… Continue reading SALAD AND BUNS FETISH!



Until the dusk clears, the skies recede, and life no longer resembles the entity it once was.    I shall be the ball, that keeps on rolling, at times stop due to being stuck in a very shallow ditch. Only for a time no doubt, no fears, no worries, not a single care; one might say. … Continue reading MIRRORING EFFCT

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VIBES ALL NIGHT LONG! Soulful music  going on all night long..... Sleep is denying me once again, maybe a headache..... or something else not sure . Had a hard day at the hospital today, I tell you!!! the waiting is hell on your nerves, trust me. So listening to Amy and hoping to be so engulf that even… Continue reading VIBES ALL NIGHT LONG!

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The weekend flew by so fast one minute I was sleeping or trying to and the next thing it's morning, how crushed I am right now. Started back on my ritual of drinking a half teacup of Saffron tea, no sugar no milk as some suggested. First thing at Mornings and last thing at Nights.… Continue reading IT’S MONDAY AGAIN!

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Beauty belies beneath still caves, enveloping, caressing, slowly. Minding, caring, still so, deliberately provoking, stimulating,  setting things right, the wrong; Why does it have to be this way? ever-engaging, ever-angry, sometimes loyal, never present, always unsatisfied by events that play an after-thought. Until the day starts with a wake up call be lying love, precious… Continue reading SANCTUARY

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  Got this book from sister Aly, and have been reading it  repeatedly, she said it's the ideal book for anyone willing to learn, "If you're unsure after reading this you won't be" Ok I said. End of conversation...... Little ever surprises me anymore, small gestures like his hand on the small of my back, indicating… Continue reading A BOOK IN A DAY…..(LITERALLY)



There is something  about the sight of blooms that has me going ooh & ahhh.... I tell you nothing quiets the spirit and the minds at the sight of these beauties. It makes me content in a frame of mind to ponder and reflect, it gets me in the mood to be amorous, and believe it… Continue reading MY FETISH