“Going the distance is like an adventure, each pit stop is a chance to exhale, to reflect, to motivate you onward on your journey”.  –Cathy




I found that making my own salad dressing was much more convenient, that way I knew what was going into it. The cost is manageable and the taste was amazing ……

I eat a lot of salads, mostly greens I should say. A while back I bought a box of concentrate orange juice to dilute as a beverage, but one night making dinner it occurred to me to mix the juice with extra virgin olive oil , salt pepper the usual contents. and place it in an ice tray so it would be cold and maintain the shape for the salad.

The result above is a couple of cubes of dressing on salad that went along as I ate my salad without making it soggy.

This is my go to way for making dressing that will be cold, cute and carries well 🙂