Its been a pretty hectic three months for me, doing absolutely  nothing and everything, does that sound confusing to you? Not to me! Literally I’ve been running on empty for the past couple months and only now have I begun to settle back into my normal routine; which, has not been easy, but I’m getting there.


Normally the idea of accomplishing something, be it a goal, dream or a long desired passion (clean thoughts here! nothing nasty yet) That ultimate goal of seeing your future self, doing the  things you enjoy.

Finding your life’s passion can sometimes be a very daunting task, with obstacles and road blocks, literally put in place  for you…like challenges, you must overcome them in order to move forward. Knowing that at least today you did the best you could and tomorrow would be another day…… a new set of distractions, new cause for procrastinating thoughts to seep in and undermine all the sorted plans.


Not tomorrow, I shall do as the above and live my dreams, whatever they may be !…….but today I am content to just be.




It’s been ten (10) days now of my smoothie blast-a-ton. Or something to that effect, truly it’s been a wretched period, with little to no breakouts on my face, just the random  show-casers who feel the need to be seen, when clearly they were supposed to be hidden; hence the action .

But, it’s all good , happy reporting that I feel less bloatish (yes that’s my word) and somewhat weightless. Is this what I really want to say right now? I feel light, extremely so. Morning routine/ day routine

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1 8oz cup of turmeric tea a bit on the warm side

2 Eggs scrambled, or sunny side up/ cranberry pancakes  with English breakfast tea

1 glass of water (really an effort here, no kidding :))

8oz pasta or rice with peas, maybe some veggies depending and cucumber salad

more water, with much effort

1 cup ginger tea

5 crix  that’s a biscuit  or a slice of my special bread

more water

oats with milk chocolate

8oz cup of turmeric tea still on the warm side

Now after a full day I am left with a desire to get fit, and a desire to eat, and to my way of thinking I choose to eat, as sooner than later… with the right frame of mind I can overcome everything else, and still be healthy  .





“Nothing being said is ever worth listening to twice” This from someone whom I assumed had a mediocrity of literacy within their ant-like brain.

To my utter astonishment the more they spoke, the more rubbish came spewing out like barf from their mouth, stench that only affected my inability to breath normally. All I was thinking was, suppose I smack them really hard (by accident of course) I would not be held accountable. Of  course, I was wrong.

To be in  the presence of intelligent people has many advantages, you learn things that awaken your present thinking, ambitiousness is heightened as well as the ability to impress.

So I accepted the outcome, ignorance is no excuse….IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE

Stupidity, on the other hand, well that’s something totally different!! And man! ….take up my space and I will flatten you! Not that I am a violent person, far from it! But standing by and seeing someone being verbally abused or as they say now-a-days BULLYING. I have zero tolerance for the JACK ASS who feels that this type of behavior makes them a social hit. It only makes people know your true colors  meaning any semblance of social interactivity you have are all shot to hell!!

Some rules to live by; 

  • Practice the art of intelligent socializing 
  • Learn to accept when your are wrong and moved on with dignity
  • Allow space and time between conversations, that way your voice is better heard
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Be willing to listen.


In everyone’s lifetime I’m sure there are times when you thought to yourself “why……

I should of, but didn’t; could of, but were either too shy, or the timing was not right.

 Excuses, excuses,always there like a crutch to hold on to, stop it !!

You see a lot of imagery quotes luring you in the right direction. Picking up your spirits, putting a smile on your face. Well done to whom ever is doing it. I surely benefited from some.

However, my beef is with people not having the courage to say the words out loud,whether it’s to yourself or someone, man up and claim your prize! Look in the mirror ! You are worth every ounce of it ( literally) wpid-18-1.jpg.jpeg

I say the words every single day, and I hear those words every single day in return, that feeling is amazing! like (weightlessness) being free. In the sense that you’re not alone, that you exist for a  bigger purpose  than you can ever imagine. Like I need this (special thing) just to get through the day, and  I do. But it’s more than that , it’s a pulse-racing, can’t catch your breath WOW moment that my word! how did I reach here, and I feel blessed just knowing this bit, MOMDBB you have no idea how much I know it……

So tonight as I pen this (pun)  I say ” I am glad that you are in my life, happy that I met you, and happier still to know more……

Okay enough of this ramblings! I swear I do get carried away so often.My mind is constantly working new things to do, to experience.

SMB you are in my prayers, that what you seek in life will make you into the man you are destined to be. Strong, capable, dependable, ambitious all with a heart of gold and the humility that only you can transmit to others.

MOMDBB I Luv you


Heart flowers

Sometimes it calls for a certain amount of change, I  thought that this holiday I would try to do things differently.

Nothing to drastic….just to make this holiday mine, with some new ideas like the wreath above. substituting the flowers I can’t find with locally grown flowers sprayed so they last longer, and instead of wire, transparent nylon. This way it wont be detected by the very fast neighbors who make it their business to come on over only to snoop and copy….Lol.

I am sure some will see this and know who they are, no matter I don’t put water in my mouth.