“The past couple of days has been one in which I choose not to dwell on, simply because I feel  resigned to just be, to let life be, and what comes my way….well I’ll be thankful for sure, appreciative of course! Mostly I’ll be stronger, for my strength makes me who I am, who I choose to become.”



I like the idea of putting together something really quick and easy, I don’t like overly long cooking or baking. It should take me 45 minutes in the kitchen on busy days……

pci salad

Salad making in the process with cheese paste and loads of mustard just the way I like it

The salad is basic, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, red onions, local green lettuce. With garlic and olive oil dressing.


Whole some mini buns

2 cups all-purpose flour (self rising flour)

1 packet of instant yeast

pinch salt

smidgen of cinnamon

1 table-spoon sugar

1 tablespoon olive oil


Mix together in a large bowl to allow for expansion, after half hour (1/2) roll into mini balls and sit for 15-20 minutes covered with a damp towel, bake at 350 for 20 minutes. I love these with Jam, custard for my sweet tooth, of course!





My one main Fetish …..yep I love baking bread , there’s no big science behind it. I really enjoy it and it relaxes me. (got to score on that one)

  • Rosemary infused
  • Cinnamon and sugar
  • White Ciabatta
  • Raisin and carrot
  • Whole wheat
  • Pumpkin seed with oregano

This list goes on….. these, however, are by far my favourites.

After the dough has risen to twice the volume in size and already in the pan, I use a very sharp knife to make the slits on top, then either olive oil infused with rosemary or my go to cinnamon mix sprinkle on top for added flare.

To store:

place in brown paper bag and can be kept in the refrigerator  for a week or less. Always best though, fresh from the oven with butter and cheese. Enjoy:)

pretty cool idea

Smoked Bones Medely

My Grandmother used to cook this with green pawpaw better known to many as Papaya.It tasted great then and more so now cause I remember her every time I cook it.

Cathy's Smoked bones medely


2 clove garlic
1 small ginger knob
1 small onion cut in wedges
1 c carrots cut diagonally
2 sprig(s) small leaf thyme
1 pkg smoked bones
1 pinch salt and pepper to taste
1 large green bell pepper



In a saute pan heat olive oil, add crushed ginger, garlic, onion salt & pepper until slightly translucent. Add carrots and allow carrots to cook with a bit of crunch.


Cut bell peppers into strips and add to pan, stirring lightly, add smoked bones and allow to steam with lid on. After 5 mins add thyme leaves, stir and serve with Rice or provisions.


English: Two types of vanilla extract

English: Two types of vanilla extract (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You won’t believe me when I say this …but I was cooking the other day and had some excess oil on my hands, instead of washing it off, I rubbed it up my arms to later wash in the shower, seeing as I was finished with cooking. My hands felt so soft duh!!!!! I had oil on them . 

Safety Razor Set - A safety razor, shaving bru...

Safety Razor Set – A safety razor, shaving brush, and mug with shaving soap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it hit me !! why don’t I add some to a dish with some vanilla  for a wonderful scent, you understand I was thinking if I can cook with it, why can’t I use it on my body?

So my pet project was to infuse olive oil and vanilla for a night lotion on my body. I have to tell you it worked like a charm,  for one thing the smell was amazingly pleasant, so I had some while I shaved my legs…….. and again after my shower. No insects bites yet, but my skin feels wonderful. I’m thinking guys can use it to shave with foregoing shaving lotion for a much better feel and soother shave. What do you think?

Guys, you can use olive oil to shave with and it makes a great after shave as well.You may be frustrated with razor burn and dry skin after struggling with your daily shaving routine.